The sewer scope inspection is a critical step in ensuring your home's plumbing systems are operating at their peak efficiency. A specially designed camera on an extendable cable will allow a view from the inside of drainpipes without needing any access points themselves, which means they can get right down into every nook and cranny—including those bothersome vent stacks!

If you have doubts about your sewer system’s condition, it might be worth getting one. A scope will show if there are any problems with leaks or cracks in pipes and ensure everything is working properly before moving forward.
We all know how important our sewers are for water quality. That is why it’s important to have a good sewer scope inspection before making any repairs or modifications.

Health Risks

If your sewer system were to backup or leak, this can cause many health issues. Below are some of the health hazards that live in your sewers:

• Bacteria Infections
• Fungal Infections
• Parasites
• Viruses
• Harmful Gases
• Mold

We recommend getting a sewer scope inspection whenever you are purchasing a home, but especially when the home was built before 1970. This is because homes older than 1970 may have Orangeburg or cast-iron drain lines.
These drain lines are too old to be used today and usually need replacement. They can suffer from root damage, rust, degradation, and ultimately cause backups or sewer smells.