We are committed to offering the best inspection services

Rio Bravo Inspections is a Texas based inspection company, offering services in San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin. We’ve been providing top inspection services for 16 years.

Our inspectors are experts in their respective fields, performing a comprehensive inspection of your property from roof to foundation. We identify safety issues and document the real condition of the property, even in areas you may not think to check.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or building your home or commercial property, Rio Bravo offers comprehensive inspection services that help you make an informed decision about your investment.

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✓ Service Guarantee

When you call Rio Bravo, we always answer. When you email Rio Bravo, we always reply. Our customer service is another reason so many customers and agents use us. We pride ourselves on being the best of the best.

✓ Flexible Schedule

Same day inspection requests, same day home inspection reports are just one of our many guarantees.

✓ Affordable Inspections

We aren’t the most expensive, but we aren’t the cheapest. We hold our standards very high and offer amazing products in which our pricing reflects. We do offer many discounts though.







17 years

Our Mission

Rio Bravo’s mission is to always provide quality inspection reports in a timely manner with the best customer service around. We never stop improving our process or product.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help and assist all customers, regardless of their situation in the home buying process. Our resources teamed up with our knowledge is of great value to our clients.


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