We'll make sure your plumbing is in tip-top shape! We will visually inspect fixtures for leaks, clogged pipes or other issues that may arise.

A routine inspection by one of our inspectors will check all parts of a property for any current defects or faults that may occur in future, such as leaks and clogs caused by corrosion on pipes due to flooding; burst tubes which could pose threat if not fixed immediately because they break with little warning.

During the plumbing inspection, our inspector checks for the following:

Water heater

The inspector would also inspect the water heater to ensure that it is operating to its full capacity with adequate pressure. The pressure relief valves and pipes are also checked, along with rust in the tank.

Main sewer line

The main sewer line could be rusted or damaged due to tree roots, or due to decaying pipes running from indoors to the main sewer line. This can be inspected with a camera.

Outdoor pipes

The home inspection is not just limited to indoor pipes, outdoor pipes are checked too for any leaks or clogs. In areas where the temperature drops too low during the winter months, our inspector would ensure that the pipes have functional anti-freeze protection around them.

Any place where water runs

These include sinks, lines, toilets, bathtubs, and pipes. The inspector checks them for any leaks, damages, or ill fittings.