The HVAC system in your house operates like a big machine. For it to work properly, you need the right parts and chemicals so that heat can get through our cold air vents or replace moisture with fresh outside air when necessary. We'll make sure everything's working perfectly by visually inspecting all aspects of this important device during inspection time.

This type of inspection covers:
· Voltage testing and checking electrical components for failures.
· Lubricate moving parts.
· Check filters.
· Inspect condensaten drain for blockages.
· Check thermostat settings and test calibration.
· Check electrical connections.
· Inspect the quality of installation.
· Inspect the condition of your HVAC appliances.
· Test safety controls.
· Test for problematic airflow through the home.
· Inspect components of blower.
· Check refrigerant pressure.
· Test gas piping and pressure.
· Test heat pump heating mode and defrost cycle.
· Inspect the condensate drain for clogs and blockages.