We will visually inspect your whole home's electrical systems, from the service drops to circuit breakers. You can rest easy knowing that we have it under control.


The procedure for conducting these inspections has been established to ensure that you take all the steps necessary to avoid noncompliance that could lead up to serious problems, such as fires, in the future.
This type of inspection will include, among others:


Your wires may be old, damaged, or installed incorrectly, which can create a dangerous situation if left unchecked.


Some outlets have inadequate connections or overheat when in use due to a circuit overload.


It's important to have the right number of circuits in your home so you can receive quality service.

Service Panels

Old or flawed breakers can cause your appliances to stop working, the lights to flicker, or the service panel to blow.

Electric Meter

Meters can begin to wear and tear over the years, so it’s vital to ensure they’re functioning properly and that they don’t show signs of rust or water damage that could compromise their quality.