Ceilings and Floors

The ceilings, and floors of the home can be covered by a variety of  building materials and divide the home into individual rooms and areas. Many of the walls in a home will actually support floors or other portions of the home directly above it. Clients and agents often ask if they can remove a wall or if it must stay (Basically asking if it’s load bearing). Inspectors normally can tell what walls are load bearing and which are partition and removable so they can decide if remodeling is feasible.

During our inspection of the ceilings and floors you have to pay particular attention to a lot of details. Everything is connected to one another and the slightest movement can cause walls and ceiling to separate. Flooring materials to loosen or crack. It is important to keep your eyes open and take the appropriate time to put all the pieces together so the report that is produced for our clients will be fully understood. Although flooring damage is not required for a home inspector to write up. At Rio Bravo we will put everything visible in our reports so the clients can make a great educated purchase. – Charles Cole (Professional Home Inspector with Rio Bravo)