6 Reasons Why a Home Inspection is Important for Home Buyers

August 27, 2020

New Home Buyers Inspections
Buying a dream home involves multiple steps. It all starts with getting in touch with a trusted realtor while creating a list of your preferences with respect to the home and neighborhood. At the same time, you also take into account your budget and future financial goals to define the price range that makes most sense to you. You further consider looking for listings and going for showings to gradually realize that you are getting closer to becoming a homeowner. As you narrow down your choices and make a proposal, a rational step is to opt for home inspection services. You may think that why this is important when you have already invested a great deal of time looking at your chosen property personally to check if everything is in great condition. Well, the reasons behind considering a home inspection go way beyond that – that eventually allows you to avoid unforeseen situations that might ruin your finances in the long run. Owing to the fact that buying a family home is the largest investment made by most people, it is crucial to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed. You cannot afford making assumptions or paying through the nose for the unexpected. Obviously, some people can have more knowledge than many others about building construction, mechanical basics, structural problems, etc. But accept it or not, most people, even after joining forces with a knowledgeable friend or family member, fail at observing everything in detail that can tell the real condition of a property. Therefore, hiring someone who has the right experience, skills, and tools to perform the task appropriately and thoroughly is a prudent choice. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider a home inspection:
1. Provides a Professional Report on the Property’s Condition: 
It may seem so basic, but your first step is to find a reputed home inspection agency that can provide you with an experienced and knowledgeable home inspector. Inspectors are often busy, especially during peak season. So, it’s good to ask them in the first place if they can do the job for you within your specified deadline. Remember that this is not the time to cut corners. In case you aren’t aware of any established home inspection agency, you can check for online references and reviews, ask for referrals, and visit websites of home inspection companies. Check if the agency is a member of any reputed industry association like International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). Also, ask whether the home inspector, who would work for you, is certified or not. Each home inspector has a checklist for inspection and a standardized report format to provide you with the outcomes of the inspection. The inspection report is usually a well-organized document, comprising several pages of detail and multiple photographs. On inspection days, the inspector will spend several hours, thoroughly assessing the inside and outside of the property. So, never hesitate asking how the process will go about, how detailed the report would be, and if there is something that the report will not include. If you are interviewing multiple agencies, make sure to choose the one you are most comfortable with.
2. Gives Unbiased Opinion on the Structural Elements:
Ensuring the structural integrity of a property beforehand is important as any future issue can lead to worry, trouble, and budgetary setbacks. In comparison to superficial or cosmetic problems that don’t cost you much and are easy to fix, structural issues cost you more and takes longer to repair. To be true, structural problems aren’t easily detectable, but a seasoned home inspector knows what to look at to assess the build quality of a property. Home inspection agencies help homebuyers avoid taking any steps that may prove financially burdensome in future in case the home is not up to the industry standards. For instance, if the report informs about a potential issue, buyers can negotiate on the basis of the new information. Your agent will then include a contingency clause into the agreement, so that you can easily cancel the contract in the event of a major issue.
3. Helps Understand the Present Condition of a Property:
Prior to a home inspection, you can write down any possible issues related to the property. These may include checking for cracks, broken windows, marks of damage, unusual smell, and so on. Consider discussing them with your home inspector. A thorough evaluation by the inspector will report on the property’s windows, doors, insulation, crawl space, ventilation, sump pumps, carbon monoxide detectors, fireplaces, and smoke detectors. The inspection will also include a detailed assessment of plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems. In case a problem is found, you can discuss it with your realtor as well as the seller to modify the purchase offer. For major appliances, the inspection report will further tell you how soon you would need to replace those items. This will help you define a budget in advance for such replacements.
4. Allows You to Plan Future Replacements & Repairs:
A home inspection also includes the evaluation of a property’s exterior. This includes everything from siding, roof, downspouts, gutters, doors, lighting, and windows, to driveway, sidewalks, patio, steps, porch, garage, and balconies. If the property hasn’t been maintained properly, these exterior elements might pose a major challenge and fixing them up in future would mean huge expenditure. Thus, it’s good to be aware of the condition of these elements. Your home inspector can give you an unbiased professional suggestion on their life expectancy and the potential cost of repair or replacement work.
5. Benefits New Construction As Well:
If you are planning to buy an all-new home, it is good to get an inspection done on that newly built property, especially to see whether it has been completed in the right manner or not. A new property doesn’t always guarantee that the builder didn’t take any shortcuts with the items that are hidden behind the walls. It is therefore recommended to hire a licensed home inspection agency to review construction standards for the framing, foundation, plumbing, electrical systems, and wiring before finalizing the deal.
6. Offers Comprehensive Reports & Opinion for Today & Tomorrow:
While your presence is not required at the time of home inspection, it would be great if you can manage to do so. You can stay with the inspector and learn more about the property that is going to be yours soon. The lengthy report post inspection can come in handy in setting up replacement schedules and budgets right at the time of buying. Additionally, you can refer to this report while making any updates to your home in future. Knowing a property inside out well in advance will not only allow you pay a reasonable price for your home, but it will also lay the foundation for regular maintenance of your purchased property. In terms of safety, a home inspection gives you complete peace of mind when you know that you can stay safely in your dream home along with your family.
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